SLS-3252 - Modular Linear Stage

The middle size stage of the SLS-32 Series offer a travel range of 31 mm while maintainig a footprint of only 32 x 52 mm² and is able to handle payloads of up to 20 N.

Linear stages of the SLS Series were consistently designed to allow for easy integration into multi-axis systems: Their mounting hole pattern is perfectly matched to mount our rotation stages or other linear stages of the SLS, DLS and MLS Series. They are the perfect option when modularity and easy configuration are the top level requirements.

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Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Travel [mm] 31
Blocking Force [N] ≥ 3.5
Max. Normal Force [N] 20
Max. Lift Force [N] > 1.5
Dimensions [mm] 32 x 52 x 11
Weight [g] 54
Velocity [mm/s] > 20
Resolution [nm] < 1
Closed-Loop Resolution MCS2 [nm] 1 (S), 4 (L)
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke MCS2 [nm] ±50, ±100
Closed-Loop Resolution (H)CU [nm] 4 (L)
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke (H)CU [nm] ± 1000 (L)
Material Options Aluminum base as standard; Steel base (-ST); Titanium base (-TI); Black anodized (-BK)
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV / UHVT (1E-11 mbar)
Non-Magnetic Option Yes (-NM)
  • EX-0012590-002-product series SLS-3252
    Nov 08, 2019
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    Jun 27, 2019


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