Linear stages of the SLL series are based on recirculating ball slides. In combination with rails of different lengths these slides make the stages an optimal solution for precise positioning over long distances in limited spaces. SLL stages can be operated by any of our control systems for stick-slip drives.
It is also possible to place multiple slides on the same rail and move them independently. This allows for fully motorized optical bench setups.

SLL Accessories

Various accessories are available that allow to mount existing equipment on the SLL stages. In addition, SLL stages can be combined with existing optical setups or breadboards. Please feel always welcome to contact our application scientists to discuss special accessories or fully customized solutions. The following accessories, for instance, are available for using SLL stages as optical benches: Passive carriages, mechanical end stops, breadboard adapters, opto-mechanical mounts.

SLLV42 - Large Travel Piezo Stage

The SLLV42 offers a large platform to mount the payload and features a travel range of up to 1410 mm.