Interferometry Application Examples

  • PICOSCALE Interferometer with chopped measurement beam
    777.5 KiB
  • Measurement of radial run-out and wobble
    327.2 KiB
  • Thermal expansion coefficient of Invar and long-term stability
    225.2 KiB
  • PICOSCALE displacement measurements with low output power using an optical switch
    193.6 KiB

Vibrometry Application Examples

  • Introducing the PICOSCALE Vibrometer
    894.3 KiB
  • Identifying unsound resonances of smartphone loudspeakers
    350.1 KiB
  • Measuring cantilever bending modes and displacements with sub-pm resolution
    307.9 KiB
  • Measuring through obstacles with confocal optics
    421.9 KiB
  • Dissecting the dynamic response of an ultra-fast actuated mirror
    358.6 KiB
  • Measuring vibrations in vacuum
    164.4 KiB
  • Measuring MEMS vibrations through a packaging of silicon
    597.1 KiB
  • Testing ultrasonic transducers with vibrometry
    341.3 KiB