The read-head constitutes the core of the METIRIO encoder. All optical and electrical components have been embedded inside a very small footprint flip-chip package.

METIRIO A1, primed for plug and play applications, is equipped with cable, connector and mounting threads to ensure connectivity to closed loop motion systems.

METIRIO customer inspired options can be tailored to match our end-users individual requirements for diverse mounting schemes.


Size: 17 x 10 x 4 mm

METIRIO Custom Design

Variable Size & Various Mounting Options

METIRIO Readhead

Size: 6.4 x 5.1 x 1.7 mm

METIRIO® is a state of the art high precision encoder that’s been designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent market requirements for closed-loop Nano-positioning. The device development has been derived from longstanding experience in product and market analysis, addressing substantial design rules to satisfy today’s technical challenges. It features maximum miniaturization, high resolution and speed. The read-head exhibits a modular structure and can be supplied as an OEM product or mounted in custom-made metal casings to facilitate the integration process and operability. Metirio sets a new benchmark in low power consumption and UHV deployment. The graphical user interface incorporates smart functions to ensure simplified parameter settings, whereas all parameters can be saved to internal memory for possible retrieval. It’s been engineered to measure any reflective incremental scale with 20 µm pitch including detection of reference marks.

Key Features

Introducing the performance and working principle of the Metirio encoder.

Readheads and Scales

Description of the modular housing concept


Additional tools and modules for diagnostics, adjustment and signal interfacing

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