SGP-17F - Micro-Gripper

The SGP-17F micro-gripper is the perfect solution when it comes to applications like the active alignment of optics or sub-components or the parallel gripping of delicate objects with a constant force.

Due to the integrated force sensors it doubles as a sensitive force detection system that can be used in a variety of applications as for example in the monitoring of UV-curing processes. The micro-gripper is equipped with one biaxial load cell per jaw, allowing to measure gripping force and orthogonal contact force individually. Gripping force orientation is constant and jaw movement is fully parallel over the whole gripping range. The jaws itself can be easily exchanged, adapted or fully customized to address the requirements of specific applications. As force and position are measured by individual sensors independently the gripping tool is ideal for handling of lightweight and fragile objects without the risk of damage by applying unnecessary high forces. Utilizing the force feedback signals, collision warning and handling can be implemented via software.

Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Opening [mm] < 10
Gripping Force [N] 3,5
Dimensions [mm] 30 x 35 x 14
Weight [g] 40
Sensor Types S, L
Gripping Time [ms] < 10
Gripping Resolution [nm] < 10
Material Options Aluminum as standard; Black anodized (-BK)
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV / UHVT (1E-11 mbar)
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    Jun 26, 2019
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    Jun 26, 2019

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