The ultimate motion-system with low drift and extended scan-range.

The SMARPROBE LX was developed to take nanometer-resolved closed-loop probing to the next level. To further minimize the effects of thermal drift and vibrations on your nano-probing tasks, the SMARPROBE LX is equipped with active temperature control and an extended scan range for all degrees of freedom. The system has the same robust design as the standard SMARPROBE and is fully compatible with the Advanced Probe Holder.

The L-Extension is a closed-loop temperature control with multiple sensors. By adding this option to your SMARPROBE system, extremely low values for thermal drift can be achieved.

The X-Extension adds a scanner with an extended range to the manipulators. SmarAct's piezo positioners employ the Stick-Slip Drive Technology to combine nanometer resolution with a long travel range. For very demanding probing experiments, the minute vibrations during a stick-slip event may negatively affect the measurement. To overcome this, the default CLS-3232 drives can be exchanged with DLS-3232 Hybrid-Drives that have an extended scanning range of more than 13 µm. This means that the probe can be moved for 13 µm in all degrees of freedom without stick-slip events occurring.

Thermal Drift [nm/min] < 1


Scan-Range in XYZ [µm] > 13
  • Specification Sheet - SMARPROBE SP4LX & SP8LX
    Nov 16, 2021
  • Application Note - Nanoprobing 14 nm transistors using the SMARPROBE
    Nov 16, 2021


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