PICOSCALE Breakout Box

The Breakout Box allows convenient access to the versatile digital and analog in- and outputs.

The optional PICOSCALE Breakout Box provides a simple and convenient access to the many different interfaces of the PICOSCALE controller. Analog and digital GPIOs can be accessed via BNC connectors while the DDI (AquadB or Serial Data) signals are mapped to D-Sub 15 connectors.

PICOSCALE Breakout Box
Digital Input/Output (9x) 5 V or 3.3 V High level, 50 ns rise time
Fast analog Input (1x) 16 bit resolution, 100 kSa/s sampling rate, 40 kHz bandwidth, ±10 V input voltage range
Fast analog output (1x) 12 bit resolution, 10 MSa/s sampling rate, 2 MHz bandwidth, ±10 V output voltage range
Analog output (4x) 16 bit resolution, 200 kSa/s sampling rate, 150 kHz bandwidth, ±10 V output voltage range
Digital Differential Interface (3x),
for AquadB or Serial Data output
0 – 5 V differential output


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