Start producing nanoscopic tips with your own etching station.

Complete your probing setup with a state-of-the art etching station. With the automated SMARPROBE etching station you can make your own probing tips which saves costs and time. The etching process can be configured via the control software to obtain the desired probe geometry and tip sharpness so that you can create the perfect tip for every task. The unique progress-tracking of the etching process and the high-speed drop-off detection guarantees that you get reproducible results with the desired tip radius.

The SMARPROBE Etch is connected via USB to a regular Windows computer.


SMARPROBE Etching Station
Smallest Tip Radius [nm] 12
Tip Radius Adjustable Yes
Tip Geometry Adjustable Yes
Etching Time1 (min) 10
Tip Material2 Tungsten

1 For 3 typical probing tips

2 The etching station will accept Tungsten wire of various diameters

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