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Sensor Heads

PicoScale Sensor Heads

The PicoScale sensor heads are mandatory equipment to perform high resolution displacement measurements with your PicoScale. Within the heads, the interference pattern is formed, which contains the information on the target mirror’s position.

Sensor Head Overview

Head typeDescriptionDimensionsBeam waist diameterWorking distance
 Head type C01:
Collimated output beam for most common applications
Ø 4 mm,
length 13 mm
400 µm13 – 650 mm
Head type F01:
Focused probe beam for small targets and providing high angular tolerances
Ø 6 mm,
length 22 mm
~30 µm
13 mm
Customized See the customization overview


SmarAct offers a selection of sensor heads for most applications. However, we can customize the heads for your needs:

  • Differential measurements. Due to the Michelson principle, SmarAct’s sensor heads have an intrinsically stable reference arm as the reference mirror is directly coated to the beam splitter. When omitted, the Michelson principle allows to perform differential displacement measurements of two target mirrors, which is not possible with other interferometric displacement measurements based on a Fabry-Pérot interferometer.
  • High vacuum (down to 10-6 mbar) or ultra high vacuum (10-11 mbar) compatibility.
  • The sensor head can be designed so that the probe beam is perpendicular to the standard axis to be integrated in experimental setups with specific space constraints.

For more options please refer to our customization overview. Feel free to contact us if you do not find the right head for your application: together we will find a solution!

Selection Guide for Sensor Heads

Head typeWorking rangeAngular working range

(More sensor heads coming soon. Please also see our customization overview.)

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