Sensor head with focused beam with high alignment tolerance.

The F01 is a sensor head type with focused probe beam. This allows to measure displacements of small targets. Furthermore, the sensor heads provide high angular tolerances.

Please also see the convenient Mounting Options and the Fiber Options.

For even higher angular tolerance and smaller spot size please also see the F03 Sensor head, which is also compatible with the PICOSCALE Interferometer.

Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Sensor Heads
Sensor Heads
Beam Geometry Focused
Focal Distance [mm] 8 - 30
Beam Waist Diameter [µm] 28 *
Working Distance [mm] 10 ± 0.5 *
Angular Working Range [°] ± 2 *
Environmental Compatibility Air, HV, UHV
Typical Targets Small Samples
Comment * for a sensor head with 10 mm focal distance. Focal distance can be adjusted between 8 and 30 mm.
Dimensions [mm] 6 x 21 (Ø x L)
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    Oct 30, 2019
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