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Calculation System

Calculation System

Quick facts

The calculation system is an optional firmware feature for your PicoScale system. It allows for real-time calculation using many PicoScale data sources like position, velocity, acceleration, environmental data as well as data from the analog GPIO interface. The results of the calculation system can be streamed or output via the analog GPIO or AquadB interface.

Possible applications are:

  • Calculation of angles
  • Scaling of results
  • Output of position data via the GPIO interface

The Calculation System is a chargeable firmware option you can purchase at any time (Order code PS-SP-CS). However, SmarAct offers an evaluation time of 80 hours with every PicoScale. Convince yourself!

Application Notes

Calculation System

Calculation System used in a low-cost closed-loop system

Some applications require that position data is available as analog signal. This application note describes how the real-time calculation system package of the PicoScale can be used to map position signals to the GPIO DACs. Besides position information, any other data source or calculation result can be output, e.g. angles, drift corrected position data, but also error signals for analog feedback loops. Here, we use the position data within a closed-loop position stabilization scheme.

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