Scale Options

Encoders of the METIRIO® family are compatible with a broad variety of reflective scales. As long as the pitch equals 20 µm, the scales can be linear, circular or curved to convex shape. One read head can be used for all types of scales. SmarAct Metrology offers a variety of different scales:

Linear Scales

Available on request:

  • Lengths up to 2 m
  • Tailored dimensions (such as length, width, thickness, diameter)
  • Flexible curved material
  • Different substrate material
  • Special reference mark codes

Rotary Scales

Optical Diameter dOC CPR: Counts per Revolution
13.0 mm 2048
22.9 mm 3600
38.2 mm 6000
63.6 mm 10000
95.5 mm 15000

Customer Specific Scales

Glass with reflective chrome coating is well suited for METIRIO® encoder measuring scales. Due to its diversity, METIRIO® also works with different materials and custom scale geometries tailored to end-users specific application, such as convex scales for goniometers.

Following some simple scale design rules, you might even use METIRIO® with your own scale designs or already existing scales. METIRIO® is thus an easy replacement for established systems.

If you don’t have access to scale manufacturing capabilities, please contact us. We are happy to offer you a tailored scale design.