The nanoprober SMARPROBE was developed to take nanometer-resolved closed-loop probing to the next level in respect to efficiency and stability. It allows the positioning of up to eight probes to analyze or manipulate samples fixed onto its sample stage. The system integrates into an electron microscope for failure analysis of i.e. 5 nm transistors or into an optical microscope setup for  atmospheric probing of large samples.

Key Features of the SMARPROBE

Learn about the SMARPROBE high-precision electrical probing solutions.

Prober Models

Select the optimal SMARPROBE system for your application.


The <strong>SMAR</strong>PROBE can be equipped with additional options and equipment.

Software Solutions

Perform complex electrical probing measurements with a few mouse clicks.

Etching Station

Etching station to manufacture nanoscopic tips.

Application Notes & Documentation of the NanoProber

Selection of application notes and relevant technical documents.