SMARFLEX nanopositioning scanner stages use the advantages of piezo-driven mechanical flexures to realize highly precise positioning tasks up to several 100 μm. For scanning applications such as AFM, SMARFLEX scanning stages feature maximum scanning speed and minimum scanning error. Also in the field of optical microscopy, focal points can be set accuratly, mirrors can be tilted very precisely or optical fibers can be coupled.


Scan Range: > 60 μm
Scan Direction: X
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 12 mm


Scan Range: > 60 μm
Scan Direction: Z
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 15 mm


Scan Range: > 200 μm
Scan Direction: X
Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 15 mm

Unique Features

The SMARFLEX positioners provide you with various advantages:

High Resolution

Integrated position sensing provides closed-loop positioning with sub-nm resolution.

Highly Dynamic

Because of the small mass to driving force ratio, a highly dynamic motion can be realized.

Friction-Free Motion

Because flexures are free of friction, no maintenance of wear parts is required. Furthermore, this leads to motion with very high repeatability.

Minimized Parasitic Motion

FEM-optimized flexures precisely guide the motion and reduce motion orthogonal to the intended direction.

Non-Magnetic Materials

Flexure stages are available in non-magnetic material versions.

Vibration-Free Motion

The motion principle is based on lever amplified piezo actuators making a continuous and vibration free motion possible.

Compact and Lightweight

Flexures allow for a very compact design and are most often manufactured from a single piece of material. This reduces their weight and footprint.

Vacuum Compatibility

Because flexures are free of friction, no grease is required and only ultra-high vacuum compatible parts can be used.


Control unit and the mechanical interfaces are compatible with SMARSLIDE and SMARSHIFT technologies making it possible to combine all advantages from different driving technologies.


SMARFLEX positioners are customizable to a large degree. If required, also further performance analysis of custom-made positioners can be carried out in the SMARFLEX laboratory.