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STT25.4-IE Motorized Optical Mount


scan resolution: < 0.1 µrad
vacuum: down to 10-11 mbar
size: 38.5 x 38.5 x 13.3 mm3
rotation1: Φ, Θ: ± 2.5 °
non magnetic: available

Clear Edge Mirror Mount

SmarAct’s STT25.4:14:E can be equipped with two inductive sensors for closed-loop adjustment. The special clear edge design is the ideal solution for applications which require a compact mirror setup. The missing edge in a two-mirror setup allows you to couple the laser beam more flexible and with a flatter angle without increasing the mirror distance.

Mechanical Properties
mirror mount

25.4 mm (1 “)

range1 Θ

± 2.5 °

range1 Φ

± 2.5 °

thread for optical mount


positioner dimension

38.5 x 38.5 x 13.3 mm3


25 g

Inductive Sensor (-I)
sensor resolution

0.7 m°

bidirectional position repeatability

0.01 °

step width

2 µrad to 40 µrad

scan range

40 µrad

scan resolution

< 0.1 µrad


≈ 15 °/s

max. frequency

18.5 kHz

Materials and Vacuum Options
black anodized (-BK)
non magnetic materials (-NM)
-HV (10-6 mbar)

Application Examples

Example Motorized Optical Mount

With two mirrors at a given distance more laser beam reflections are possible with the clear edge mirror mount (upper system).

Example Motorized Optical Mount

The clear edge mirror mount (upper system) allows two mirrors to be positioned closer to each other compared to conventional mirror mounts (lower system).

1 For closed-loop mirror mount ± 2.15 °
2 For closed-loop mirror mounts 9 °/s

Step FileTechnical Drawing