Non-magnetic Piezo Stages and Systems


For applications in magnetic fields or where else stages made of non-magnetic materials are needed, specialized versions of linear and rotation stages are available. Typical materials used in these types of stages are copper beryllium, titanium, ceramics and copper wires with Teflon or Kapton insulation.
Non-magnetic stages of the SLC-17 and SLC-24 Series include ceramic guideways. Therefore we strongly recommend to also opt for the U-shaped base to increase the overall stiffness of the stage.
Please note that the U-shaped base resembles the same mounting hole pattern but adds 6 mm to the width of the stage itself. As a result the width of a SLC-17 stage enlarges to 23 mm and the width of a SLC-24 stage to 30 mm respectively. Thus, waiving the U-shaped base option is only advisable if compactness is the top most requirement.

Also large parallel kinematic systems like the customized SMARPOD shown in the picture below can be realized as fully non-magnetic versions.