SMARPOD CLS-32 with Exchangeable Drive-Units

The SMARPOD CLS-32 is equipped with Exchangeable Drive Units and is perfectly suitable for all high availability applications

The SMARPOD CLS-32 is a mid-size hexapod-like positioning system. This unit is equipped with SmarAct's Exchangeable Drive Units (EDUs) guaranteeing an easy and fast exchange of the piezo drive without the necessity to fully disassemble the positioning setup and without losing calibration and position data.

Like other SmarAct SMARPOD's, the SMARPOD CLS-32 is also available in a high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum version or made out of fully non-magnetic materials.

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    Feb 19, 2020
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    Dec 11, 2019


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Travel [mm] 20 (X); 20 (Y); 10 (Z)
Travel [°] 21 (Θx); 24 (Θy); 38 (Θz)
Max. Normal Force [N] 5
Max. Horizontal Force [N] 2.5
Dimensions [mm] Ø 124
Height of Platform above Ground [mm] 55
Weight [g] 550
Sensor Types S; SC
Smallest Increment [nm] 1
Smallest Increment [µrad] 1
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke MCS2 [nm] < ± 200
Closed-Loop Repeatability, 1 mm Travel MCS2 [nm] < ± 10
Closed-Loop Repeatability, Full Stroke MCS2 [µrad] < ± 15
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV / UHVT (1E-11 mbar)
Non-Magnetic Option Yes (-NM)


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