The larger of the two TRIPOD is compatible with the CLS-92 Modular System.

A tip-tilt stage is the core component of this positioning system. The arrangement of the three turrets allows a roll and pitch motion of the top plate in the range of ±13° for Θx, ±15° for Θy and a linear translation in the Z direction of 10 mm. The top plate also includes a slot to mount a SR-4011 rotation stage to add a fourth degree of freedom to the setup. The bottom plate on the contrary allows a direct mounting to a breadboard or a XY platform consisting of two CLS-92 linear translation stages. The later possibility yields to a 5D or together with the SR-4011 to a 6D positioning system.

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Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Travel [mm] 63 (X); 63 (Y); 10 (Z)
Travel [°] 26 (Θx); 30 (Θy); unlimited (Θz)
Max. Normal Force [N] 5
Max. Horizontal Force [N] 2.5
Dimensions [mm] 142 x 101
Height of Platform above Ground [mm] 89
Weight [g] ~ 1850
Sensor Types S
Smallest Increment [nm] 1
Smallest Increment [µrad] 1
Closed-Loop Repeatability [nm] < ± 200 (Full Travel Range); < ± 15 (1mm Linear Travel)
Closed-Loop Repeatability [µrad] < ± 10
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar)
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    Dec 13, 2019
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    Dec 13, 2019


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