The SMARSLIDE goniometer stages from the CGO series are ideally suited for applications that require very precise rotation over small angles (± 5°). They are available with two different radii that can be stacked directly to form an extremely compact and stiff Euler goniometer with a common center of rotation.

The CGO series features the exchangeable drive units (EDU) and a compatible hole pattern that allows easy integration with linear or rotationstages into multi-dimensional serial

CGO-60.5 - Goniometer Stage

The CGO-60.5 goniometer stage can be easily stacked on top of the CGO-77.5 stage to form an Eulerian cradle with a common center of rotation 60.5 mm above the working platform.

CGO-77.5 - Goniometer Stage

The precise and compact goniometer stage CGO-77.5 can be directly mounted on top of CLS-52 linear stages or act as a base for an Eulerian cradle when combined with a CGO-60.5 stage.

By combining two stages with appropriate radii it is possible to build a compact Euler goniometer with a common center of rotation.
Their mechanical interface fits to the CLS-52 Modular System. Thus, allowing the creation of multi-axis systems by direct combination of linear, rotation and goniometer stages. The goniometer stages can be operated by any of our control units and are also available with integrated positioning sensors. Furthermore, the CGO series is available for different environmental conditions, such as high and ultra-high vacuum environments.

The CGO series consists of two goniometer stages: CGO-60.5 and CGO-77.5. They can be directly mounted on top of each other to form a Euler goniometer. In the rendering depicted on the right, the green sphere indicates the center of rotation of the given goniometer stage or system.

CGO-Series goniometer stages can be modified to fit specific requirements and can be customized for integration into existing setups. We have already designed many customized solutions which included goniometer stages. Please feel free to contact us to find an optimal setup for your application. We look forward to dicsussing your individual requirements with you.

Application Examples

A Modular Positioning System with 6 DoF including three rotational degrees of freedom

Stages of the CGO series are fully compatible to SmarAct’s Modular System. Thus guaranteeing the possibility to combine goniometers stages with linear and rotation stages to complex positioning systems.
In the example shown on the right, two CLS-5252 linear stages form an XY platform complemented by an CHS-5237 lifting
stage as a Z-axis. Two goniometers, CGO-60.5 and CGO-77.5, and a SR-5014 rotation stage are mounted on top of the XYZ system. Because of matched outer dimensions and mounting hole patterns the three rotation stages have a common center of rotation (indicated by the green sphere).
The positioning system is suitable as a sample stage for diffraction experiments as the rotation center can be precisely positioned within a space of 31 x 31 x 10 mm.

A Positioning System with 5 DoF for heavy payloads or substages

If the intended application scenario requires larger travel ranges in XY and Z, the two CGO series goniometers can be also combined
with a three axis positioning system especially designed for long travel ranges and heavier payload. In the example on the right, two
CLS-9292 linear stages, each with 63 mm of travel, are combined with a CLS-5252 linear stage as the Z-axis. A constant force spring setup supports the Z-axis and extends its lifting force even further. By this sophisticated design the rotation center of the Euler goniometer (green sphere) can be positioned within a large volume 61 x 61 x 31 mm³ with highest precision.