Are you looking for innovative products to advance your applications in the field of high precision technology? Whether it’s positioning technology, metrology or automation technology, we are the right partner for you.
Your confidence in our capabilities and joint successes have led our team to grow to 200 highly skilled members.
Our ever-growing product portfolio includes proven items and/or systems for your diverse needs. In addition, we excel in designing special devices tailored to your needs and implementing them in an uncomplicated and speedy manner. We have strengthened these capabilities by establishing three business units.

In our Motion business unit, we develop and produce high-precision, compact products for nano-positioning that meet the highest demands while being easy to handle. Our product classes are:

  • SMARSLIDE – piezoelectric positioning stages with a large positioning range from a few mm to over a meter, which can also be used under extreme environmental conditions
  • SMARSHIFT – fast and highly accurate electromagnetic positioning stages
  • SMARFLEX – high resolution and dynamic scanners based on compliant structures
  • SMARBOTIC – complex positioning systems and robots with multiple degrees of freedom

Our Metrology business unit offers components and solutions for high-resolution measurement of position displacements as well as tools for component characterization and failure analysis. Our measurement systems are:

  • PICOSCALE Interferometer – compact laser interferometers with a picometer resolution
  • METIRIO – miniaturized optical encoders; also for demanding environmental conditions

Our solutions for component characterization are:

  • PICOSCALE Vibrometer for the detection of in-plane and out-of-plane vibrations with pm resolution
  • SMARPROBE – nano-probing platform that allows to push the limits of technical feasibility in failure analysis on wafers, ASICS and MEMS.

In our Automation business unit, we support you in all aspects of automating the production of miniaturized components and systems, such as optical and opto-electrical assemblies. We design and produce high-throuput production equipment, including development of the production process, if required. The installation and commissioning of our systems at your site and the usual SmarAct service are of course included.

Business Units


High Precision and Compact Nano-Positioning Solutions


High Precision Displacement Measurement Solutions


High Precision Automation Solutions

Customer-Centric Service

Meeting your specific requirements - whether it is a highly complex or a recurring OEM positioning system - is our greatest interest. We support you with maximum flexibility in the development and production of individual solutions. Our team consists of experts with technical backgrounds in fields such as physics, material sciences, optics and life sciences.

Professional Support

As part of a fully customer-focused organization, we help and support you through the installation and setup of your new positioning, metrology or automation solution. The team also provides immediate and comprehensive technical support to keep your applications up and running.

Equipment Rental Service

Many of our positioning and measuring systems can be rented. We will be happy to assist you with the rental conditions and availability of the products.

Labor-Laboratory Services

Performing measurements, investigating components in general or conducting feasibility studies for you is a service we are happy to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss feasibility as well as conditions and availability.

Customization and Engineering Service

Do you have a new challenging task in the field of positioning, automation or metrology and the products and solutions presented on this website do not quite meet your specific criteria? We look forward to hearing about your project and developing the perfect solution for you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Commitment to Quality

SmarAct is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is committed to always providing the best solutions and products for laboratory and industrial applications.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificates

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Trust and Transparency

Be Yourself and Shape the Future With Us

We are constantly looking for talented, motivated and open-minded people to become part of our team. Please take a look at our current vacancies or apply on your own initiative. Since SmarAct was founded, we have grown into a company with 200 members covering the entire production process from development, design and mechanical manufacturing to sales. In addition to a fair payment we offer our members a choice of cold and hot drinks, fresh fruit, team events and last but not least the best colleagues you can imagine.