Wherever precise positioning is required in industrial automation, axes with sensors are used to determine the position. The applications are manifold and cover a wide range, such as microscopy (SEM, SPM), wafer probing and packaging in the semiconductor industry, beam stabilization and precision alignment in laser optics and astronomy, cell handling and sorting in medical technology, CNC precision machining and coordinate measuring machines in industrial manufacturing to science and research in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and space travel.

The market shows a general trend towards smaller, faster and more accurate sensors, with sensor intelligence and -modularity playing an increasing role for various application areas.
Specific customer requirements are for example: Positioning accuracy in the nanometer range with a measurement range of more than one meter, vacuum suitability, low current consumption, use of non-magnetic materials and infrared light sources, miniaturization, cost-effectiveness and a wide bandwidth for speeds in the m/s range.
To keep up with the continuously growing demands, the continuous development of measurement technology is necessary.

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The METIRIO® series offers extremely compact optical encoders with sub-nanometer resolution.

Application Examples


  • METIRIO Readhead Specifications
    546.0 KiB
  • Encoder Interface Module Specifications
    409.6 KiB