The TRIPOD product series offers highly modular multidimensional positioning systems that combine the versatility of serial kinematics and the compactness of parallel kinematics in one hybrid design.

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The TRIPOD 52-6DoF motion system has six degrees of freedom and uses SMARSLIDE high-precision piezo positioner.


The larger of the two TRIPOD 92-6DoF motion system has six degrees of freedom and uses SMARSLIDE high-precision piezo stages, being also fully compatible with the CLS-92 modular system.


The TRIPOD 400-6DoF has six degrees of freedom and is fully based on SMARSHIFT high-precision electromagnetic direct drives.


The SMARBOTIC TRIPOD family consists of multi-axis systems that combine parallel and serial kinematics in one complete motion system. Their inherent modular design offers the capability to tailor multidimensional positioning systems to your needs. Based on the SmarAct Modular System, multiple combinations of SmarAct positioning products allow to realize versatile and highly precise motion systems. The standard TRIPOD family consists of systems that employ SMARSLIDE piezo positioner, such as the TRIPOD 52 or TRIPOD 92 or SMARSHIFT electromagnetic direct drives such as the TRIPOD 400.

The TRIPOD 52-Core and TRIPOD 92-Core are three-dimensional tip-tilt parallel kinematic systems and are the central components of the TRIPOD 52 and TRIPOD 92 series. They offer two rotational (Rx, Ry) and one translational (Z) degree of freedom and are fully compatible with the SmarAct Modular System.

Placing the TRIPOD Core on top of a high precision XY platform, based on either SMARSLIDE CLS-52 or CLS-92 positioners, gives the basic design of a TRIPOD 52-5DoF and TRIPOD 92-5DoF motion systems. These offer three translational (X, Y, Z) and two rotational (Rx, Ry) degrees of freedom.  Due to their hybrid system design, combining parallel and serial kinematics, the translation in the XY plane does not affect the remaining degrees of freedom in Z, Rx and Ry, resulting in a larger working range.

The TRIPOD 52-6DoF and TRIPOD 92-6DoF add an additional rotation stage on the top plate of the TRIPOD -5DoF systems, thus creating modular positioning systems with six degrees of freedom that allow a continuous rotation around the Z-axis.

The newest member of the SMARBOTIC TRIPOD family is the TRIPOD 400-6DoF. It fully relies on the SMARSHIFT electromagnetic direct drives. The TRIPOD 400-Core consists of three MLS-92122 and is placed on top of an MLL-400 XY platform. On the top plate, an MR-9222 is positioned to allow motion in three translational and three rotational degrees of freedom. The TRIPOD 400-6DoF is designed to offer the largest travel ranges in the XY plane from all TRIPOD systems and in addition shows the best dynamic performance due to the usage of electromagnetic direct drives. This system allows to carry the largest load from all TRIPOD systems by implementing force compensation and pneumatic brakes.

Key Features


The TRIPOD, like all other SmarAct products, are highly customizable. Whether your application requires only a modified base or top plate or a completely different configuration, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and the most appropriate solution. Let us help you bring your idea to life.

Mounting Options

The TRIPOD motion system can be mounted in horizontal or up-side down orientation. Please mention the planned mounting in your application when contacting us. We will help to find or adjust the TRIPOD motion system to realize the desired mounting.

Control in Cartesian Coordinates

Calculation of the kinematics model and device control is encapsulated in a software package. Programming interfaces and graphical user interfaces allow to move the TRIPOD in Cartesian coordinates (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz).

User-Definable Pivot Point

One great advantage of the TRIPOD, as well as the SMARPOD, is the possibility to freely set the pivot point in three degrees of freedom X, Y and Z. Thereby defining the center of rotation for all axis allows you to precisely rotate around any addressable point in space.

User-Definable Coordinate System

The coordinate system of each TRIPOD model can be changed with the provided software packages to align the motion system with the specific user application.

Environmental Specific

For applications that require vacuum conditions the SmarAct TRIPODs are available in high (1E-6 mbar) and ultra-high vacuum (1E-11 mbar) compatible versions. Furthermore, they can also be made from fully non-magnetic materials to be used in higher magnetic fields.

High Resolution and Repeatability

A backlash-free mechanical design makes it possible to achieve a movement performance of the positioning system which is in the same order of magnitude as for our single positioners.

Controller and Software

The full potential of TRIPOD systems can be reached in combination with SmarAct control systems such as the MCS2 or the ECM. In addition, the SmarAct hand controller allows a direct tactile input control for applications that need fast and versatile manual control of a motion system.

An easy to use and comprehend software package will be delivered with each system. This includes control software with a graphical user interface and a comprehend software development kit, which makes implementing a TRIPOD motion system in user-defined control applications in C/C++, Python or LabVIEW possible. The C++ and Python software development kits are available for Windows and Linux.