Based on the different drive technologies, high-precision rotation stages are available. They can be easily combined with each other or with other SmarAct positioners to form more complex setups such as gimbals, rotating Eulerian cradles, multi-axis or multi-rotating positioning systems. SmarAct positioners allow continuous and mechanically unlimited rotation. Rotation can be mechanically limited if necessary to avoid collisions or tearing of cables of the equipment installed on it. Many of them are available as HV or UHV compatible versions as well as completely non-magnetic versions.

SR-1908 - Rotation Stage

The SR-1908 is our smallest standard rotation stage. The very robust stainless steel bearing together with an aperture of 7 mm enables a broad range of possible applications.

SR-2013 - Rotation Stage

The SR-2013 is our lightest closed-loop rotation stage. An integrated ceramic precision bearing is the reason for the ultra-high accuracy as well as the extremely low radial run-out.

SR-2812 - Rotation Stage

The SR-2812 is a small closed-loop rotation stage with an aperture opening of 9 mm.

SR-3211 - Rotation Stage

The SR-3211 rotation stage is designed to be easily mounted onto linear piezo stages of the CLS-32 series.

SR-4011- Rotation Stage

Due to the high-load stainless steel bearing, the SR-4011 is very robust. Compared to the footprint, the height is relatively low, making this stage an excellent choice for integration into flat positioning systems.

SR-4513 - Rotation Stage

The SR-4513 rotation stage has a square base and features a free aperture opening of 8 mm diameter.

SR-5014 - Rotation Stage

The integration of a microsensor makes the rotation stage SR-5014 the most cost effective closed-loop rotary positioner in SmarAct’s product line.

SR-5714C - Rotation Stage

This robust rotation stage can be used also for applications in harsh environments, down to ultra high vacuum environments.

SR-5714 - Rotation Stage

Designed with an aperture of 25 mm, the very robust rotation stage SR-5714 can be used for a broad range of applications.

SR-7012 - Rotation Stage

With its large platform and an aperture opening of 30 mm, the SR-7012 rotation stage is one of the most versatile rotation stages available.

SR-9219C - Rotation Stage

The SR-9219C stage is equipped with a ceramic bearing that provides full ultra-high vacuum compatibility.

SR-9219 - Rotation Stage

The SR-9219 rotation stage was designed with the compatibility to other SmarAct product series in mind, allowing it to be easily mounted to linear stages of the CLS-92 and MLS-92 Series.

SR-12012 - Rotation Stage

This stage is mostly chosen for applications where a big aperture and highest precision is absolutely essential.


The MR-9224 is a direct-drive rotational stage. It features high mileage, torque and speed combined with highest accuracy. It is mechanically compatible to our stages of the series CLS-92 and MLS-92.


The MR-30028 is a direct-drive rotational stage with a diameter of 300 mm and a large aperture of 110 mm.