Most applications in science and industry require more than one degree of freedom when it comes to precise positioning of samples and tools. Compared to serial kinematics, Hexapod-like systems offer higher stiffness enabling high dynamic applications. SmarAct’s mission is to solve your specific positioning tasks successfully and to your complete satisfaction. In addition to our standard models we offer customized systems that can be fully adapted to your requirements and applications and integrated into your setups and environment. The application specialists of SmarAct’s team are always eager to help you select the right components or discuss customization and solution development to achieve a perfect match with your requirements. Let us assist you in bringing your idea to life.

TRIPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System combining Serial and Parallel-Kinematic Approaches.

SMARPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System with 6 DoF and Definable Pivot Point