Many of our modern life’s achievements in telecommunication, information processing, medicine and industrial manufacturing are based on groundbreaking innovations in the field of semiconductors and photonics. Highly precise motion systems have been essential to make these innovations possible, and they will play a key role to bring semiconductor and photonic devices to the next level.

We are ready to shape the next era of digital transformation of AI, 6G, IoT and autonomous driving together with you – by providing motion systems with the most extreme precision and stability for both ultra-miniaturization and devices with unmatched performance.

Our expertise ranges from fundamental research to industrial applications as well as OEM solutions. Whether you need a single positioner for an experimental setup for quantum computing or an integrated motion system for your semiconductor manufacturing equipment – we are prepared to develop and fabricate even highly customized solutions for the most extreme environments for your specific application.

Featured Products

SMARPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System with 6 DoF and Definable Pivot Point


Electrical characterization of semiconductor devices.

Stages with Exchangeable Drive Units

For high availability applications in industry and science.


Versatile Gripping Solutions for Sample Handling and Manipulation in Life Science and at Micro-Assembly Lines

Cryogenic Piezo Stages and Systems

Linear and rotation stages for high performance positioning under cryogenic conditions.

SmarAct Modular System

SmarAct's modular system allows to combine compatible SmarAct stages to form complex and reconfigurable positioning setups.

TRIPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System combining Serial and Parallel-Kinematic Approaches.

Motorized Opto-Mechanics

Compact and Modular Solution for optical setups and experiments in the field of optics.

Application Examples

Smarpod for State-Of-The-Art Pick-And-Place Activities

Institute of Photonics (IOP), University of Strathclyde UK