SMARSLIDE Technology

Whenever it is key to combine the unmatched resolution of the piezo principle with macroscopic travel ranges, SMARSLIDE stages are the perfect choice. The stick-slip piezo drive technology allows SMARSLIDE to offer stages that feature linear positioning ranges from a few mm to over a meter, as well as unlimited rotation stages and ultra-precise and stiff goniometers.

Low Thermal Drift and High Resonance Frequencies

A high degree of miniaturization combined with perfect material selection and optimized control modes ensure low thermal drift and high resonance frequencies.

Vacuum and Cryogenic Compatibility

Nearly all SMARSLIDE stages and positioning systems are available in vacuum compatible versions down to 10-11 mbar. Special materials and coatings ensure high positioning performance in low temperature applications.

Compact and Versatile

Most stage designs work independent of their mounting orientation. Even very complex and space constrained requirements can be met. For example, the SMARSLIDE SLC-1720 linear stage with a size of 22 x 17 x 8.5 mm is the world’s smallest closed-loop piezo stage with nanometer resolution and macroscopic travel range.

Self-Clamping and Backlash-Free

Since the movable parts of the stages are permanently coupled to the piezo drives via friction elements, SMARSLIDE piezo stages are backlash-free by design and keep their position even if the control electronics are switched off. Moving the slide by hand does not harm the stage or piezo drive.

Non-Magnetic Material Option

Most of the SMARSLIDE stages are available as complete non-magnetic versions.

Highly Customizable

SMARSLIDE Stages can be designed and manufactured entirely according to your requirements. Our experts are always happy to take up and implement your requirements.

SMARSLIDE Linear Stages

Several lines of piezo-driven linear stages

Stages with Exchangeable Drive Units

For high availability applications in industry and science.

High Load Stages

Vertical stages especially designed to handle heavy loads.

Piezo-Driven Rotation Stages

Compact piezo-driven rotation stages

Goniometer Stages

Piezo driven Goniometer Stages which are stackable and allow to create multi-dimensional Euler positioning systems


Versatile gripper solutions for handling small and fragile objects.

Cryogenic Piezo Stages and Systems

Linear and rotation stages for high performance positioning under cryogenic conditions.

Non-Magnetic Piezo Stages and Systems

Non-Magnetic Stages and Systems to be used in high magnetic fields or in charged particle applications

Motorized Opto-Mechanics

Compact and Modular Solution for optical setups and experiments in the field of optics.

Technology Introduction and Options

Technology Introduction & Options

Technology Introduction into SmarAct's Stick-Slip Drive Technology and the available Configuration Options