The PICOSCALE sensor heads are mandatory equipment to perform high resolution displacement measurements. Within the heads, the probe and the reference beam interfere, and the interference pattern contains the information on the target mirror’s position. Currently, SmarAct offers three classes of sensor heads with different beam geometries that were designed for a great variety of applications.

Since SmarAct designs and manufactures all products in-house, we can efficiently design and produce customized sensor heads. This includes integration of PICOSCALE sensor heads into SmarAct’s motion systems and customized solutions with specific properties according to your needs. Please contact SmarAct’s direct and flexible customer support.

Sensor Heads

Learn about the sensor heads and their fields of application.

Advantages of PICOSCALE Sensor Heads

Learn about the advantages of PICOSCALE Sensor Heads.

Fiber & Sensor Head Options

Sensor heads can be customized and equipped with protective fiber sheaths.

Assemblies for Angular Measurements

Pre-aligned sensor head assemblies for multi-dimensional measurements.

Differential Measurements

Sensor heads and pre-aligned assemblies for direct differential measurements.

Mounting Accessories & Reflectors

Selection of useful accessories to ease the integration and alignment of sensor heads.