Our P50 manufacturing platform acts as a reliable basis into which your process can be integrated to offer you the most suitable system without the necessity to develop the entire production environment from scratch.

Its modular structure offers fully automated manufacturing capabilities in combination with easy accessibility for set-up, maintenance and service to - keep downtimes low and to adapt to changes in the product's life cycle.

For production the control interface offers one-touch operation. At the same time you have full control over the process and even the option to make changes to certain scripts directly in the HMI, depending on the operator’s administration rights.

The platform life cycle can be extended well beyond the initial process by constantly adapting, revising and adding new modules to fit new variants or even entirely new products. Every P50 is delivered as a turn-key solution that can be set up by our professional team of technicians to ensure a seamless start of production within your facility.

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Niklas Böhmke

Technical Sales