Many applications in industrial and fundamental research require cryogenic temperatures. Additionally, in many cases it is not only necessary to cool the samples but also to mechanically manipulate them precisely within the cryostat. SmarAct has developed SMARSLIDE stages with low-heat profiles and ultra-high vacuum compatibility, which allow sample manipulation in temperatures down to the mK regime. Additionally, they can be used up to 330K and can be baked out just like the regular UHV systems. Non-magnetic versions are available as well.

Closed-Loop-Cryogenic Stages

Closed-Loop Cryogenic Stages

SmarAct's closed-loop cryogenic stages offer unrivaled closed-loop positioning performance for cryogenic applications.

Cryogenic Linear Stages

Cryogenic linear stages are specialized versions of SLC series stages.

Cryogenic Rotation Stages

Cryogenic rotation stages can be used to add rotational degrees of freedom to miniaturized multi-axis setups.

Miniature Cryogenic Linear Stages

Minitaure cryogenic linear stages are non-magnetic an can easily be assembled into XY positioning systems.

Cryogenic Tip-Tilt-Mirror Mount

High-resolution tip-tilt mounts for the manipulation of optical components in cryogenic applications

Cryogenic Positioning Systems

Cryogenic Positioning Systems with thermalization management setups and customized top plates.