SR-12012 - Rotation Stage

This stage is mostly chosen for applications where a big aperture and highest precision is absolutely essential.

SR-1908 - Rotation Stage

The SR-1908 is our smallest standard rotation stage. The very robust stainless steel bearing together with an aperture of 7 mm enables a broad range of possible applications.

SR-2013 - Rotation Stage

The SR-2013 is our lightest closed-loop rotation stage. An integrated ceramic precision bearing is the reason for the ultra-high accuracy as well as the extremely low radial run-out.

SR-2812 - Rotation Stage

The SR-2812 is a small closed-loop rotation stage with an aperture opening of 9 mm.

SR-2812-CR - Cryogenic Rotation Stage

A cryogenic rotation stage which dimensions perfectly match multi-axis SLC-24 positioning systems.

SR-3211 - Rotation Stage

The SR-3211 rotation stage is designed to be easily mounted onto linear piezo stages of the CLS-32 series.

SR-4011- Rotation Stage

Due to the high-load stainless steel bearing, the SR-4011 is very robust. Compared to the footprint, the height is relatively low, making this stage an excellent choice for integration into flat positioning systems.

SR-4513 - Rotation Stage

The SR-4513 rotation stage has a square base and features a free aperture opening of 8 mm diameter.

SR-5014 - Rotation Stage

The integration of a microsensor makes the rotation stage SR-5014 the most cost effective closed-loop rotary positioner in SmarAct’s product line.

SR-5714 - Rotation Stage

Designed with an aperture of 25 mm, the very robust rotation stage SR-5714 can be used for a broad range of applications.

SR-5714C - Rotation Stage

This robust rotation stage can be used also for applications in harsh environments, down to ultra high vacuum environments.

SR-7012 - Rotation Stage

With its large platform and an aperture opening of 30 mm, the SR-7012 rotation stage is one of the most versatile rotation stages available.

SR-9219 - Rotation Stage

The SR-9219 rotation stage was designed with the compatibility to other SmarAct product series in mind, allowing it to be easily mounted to linear stages of the CLS-92 and MLS-92 Series.

SR-9219C - Rotation Stage

The SR-9219C stage is equipped with a ceramic bearing that provides full ultra-high vacuum compatibility.

SRT-2006 - Cryogenic Rotation Stages

Miniaturized cryogenic rotation stage whose external dimensions fit multi-axis setups built from SLC-17 stages.