Life Sciences

The harsh environment in life science laboratories in combination with the demand for highest accuracy and precision require robust and reliable tools and equipment. When it comes to sample positioning tasks for super-resolution microscopy or lab automation scientists rely on the advantages of SmarAct's positioning solution.
Our positioning devices and metrology components are available in a broad range of product series with options that allows you to operate them in cryogenic environments, under vacuum and ultra-high vacuum conditions or in high magnetic fields.

These options allow us to customize our products to almost any application requirement.
Whether your field of application is medical research, surface science, biology, chemistry, crystallography, or any other subject matter, our SmarAct sales team scientists will help you select or customize the best positioning solution for your specific application.

Featured Products

SG-06 - Micro-Gripper

The SG-06 micro-gripper is ideal for space constrained setups and applications where miniaturization is the top priority.

SG-1730 - Micro-Gripper

Based on one of SmarAct’s most compact linear stages this gripper system became a very compact and versatile tool for pick and place applications for optics and electronics.

SGP-17F - Micro-Gripper

The SGP-17F micro-gripper is the perfect solution when it comes to applications like the active alignment of optics or sub-components or the parallel gripping of delicate objects with a constant force.

SRT-2006 - Cryogenic Rotation Stages

Miniaturized Cryo Rotation Stage which outer dimensions fit multi-axis setups built from SLC-17 stages