Within the scope of the SmarAct Modular System, fully pre-built and pre-configured positioning systems are available. These pre-defined positioning systems are customer inspired and present systems and platforms most commonly requested.
The systems are versatile and easily applicable to a wide field of positioning tasks. On this basis, complex serial positioning systems – combining customized connection elements and stages – can be realized.
All presented positioning systems are fully compatible – across all product series – to the SmarAct Modular System. Therefore, they can be seen as the perfect starting point for application specific configurations as they can be easily combined with additional linear or rotation stages as well as goniometer stages of SmarAct’s CGO-Series.
The positioning systems are compatible to all SmarAct control systems and can be commanded with handheld devices, by software or via programming interfaces for LabVIEW and C/C++ which are included in the supplied software development kit.

If your application requires a special configuration that is not shown in the following, please do not hesitate to contact our application scientists to discuss your requirements.

2 DoF

Pre-defined Positioning Systems with two degrees of freedom.

3 DoF

Pre-defined Positioning Systems with three degrees of freedom.

4 DoF

Pre-defined Positioning Systems with four degrees of freedom.