SmarAct stages are designed for a wide variety of applications in industry and science.
The standard version of our stages are suitable to operate under normal conditions, at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure. For applications that require rather extreme operating conditions like cryogenic temperatures, vacuum conditions or high magnetic fields, we have developed and optimized specialized versions of our stages. The specialization includes, for example, the use of specific materials, different cabling and different production processes, while normally not changing the outer dimensions of the stage itself.
If you are unsure whether or not your application requires specialized versions of SmarAct stages, please do not hesitate to contact our applications specialist to discuss the specific environmental constraints of your setup.

Cryogenic Piezo Stages and Systems

Linear and Rotation Stages - Operateable in the Millikelvin Range

Non-Magnetic Piezo Stages and Systems

Non-Magnetic Stages and Systems to be used in high magnetic fields or in charged particle applications