Customize SmarAct’s PICOSCALE products to meet your specific demands

  • Different lengths of cables and optical fibers
  • Special sensor head options
  • Special data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Combination with SmarAct‘s positioning systems

Let us integrate our metrology solutions into your system

  • Engineering services and consultancy
  • Special sensor head development and mounting options
  • Adaption of data interfaces and protocols
  • Vacuum, cryogenic or radiation compatibility

Take the next step

Our measurement and rental services can help to optimize your development process but also to solve a one-off problem that limits the performance of your product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and plan a pilot study today.

Typical Customer Applications

Closed-loop position control

  • Wafer positioning
  • Lithography
  • Coordinate measurement machines
  • Milling machines

In-line process and Quality Control

  • Tolerance analysis
  • Dynamic performance of actuators