Measurement Services

The nature of some project does not justify the investment in specialized instrumentation and knowledge. To meet this situation SmarAct offers laboratory measurement services, which enables you to add state-of-the-art metrology approaches to your project.

Your Advantages

  • Benefit from the latest equipment and expertise
  • Get faster approval for engineering services as opposed to an investment technology
  • Evaluate the impact of new measurement capabilities prior to an investment decision
  • Simplify your development process by outsourcing specific measurement tasks


Take the next step

Our measurement services can help to optimize your development process but also to solve a one-off problem that limits the performance of your product. The measurement services are either performed at our laboratories in Germany or be carried out on-site. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and plan a pilot study today.

Vibration Analyis

Employ the latest laser scanning vibrometry technology to characterize the vibrational modes of your devices.

Typical Customer Applications

  • MEMS
  • Voice coil motors
  • Transducers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Hearing aids
  • Acoustofluidic devices
  • Noise source identification for microscopy (AFM, EM)

Motion Analysis

Parallel measurements with interferometry enable the multi-dimensional analysis of motion systems at unsurpassed resolution. The results allow to characterize, validate and improve motion.

Typical customer applications:

  • Calibration and validation of motion systems
  • Repeatability and accuracy
  • Thermal stability
  • Tip/tilt of target during translation
  • Radial run-out of a rotating system