PICOSCALE Interferometer Controller

The controller contains the laser, detection electronics and provides all data via several interfaces.

The PICOSCALE Interferometer is a powerful system for contact-free displacement measurements. The PICOSCALE Interferometer Controller contains a laser source and all necessary electronics to evaluate optical signals. These signals are generated in the sensor heads which are connected to the Controller via optical fibers. A beam splitter divides the laser beam into a reference and a measurement beam which are reflected off a reference mirror (typically inside the sensor head) and a target, respectively. Thanks to the Michelson principle, only very few considerations have to be made with respect to target reflectivity. Powerful firmware modules, convenient software and versatile accessories allow to easily integrate the PICOSCALE Interferometer Controller into new or already existing measurement setups.


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Output Signals
Output Signals
Number of Channels 3
Data Rate [MHz] Up to 10
Measurement Laser Wavelength [nm] 1550, laser class 1 (NIST traceable)
Pilot Laser Wavelength [nm] 650, laser class 1
GPIO Interface 3x ADC, 3x DAC, Serial data, AquadB
Interfaces Serial Data, AquadB USB, Ethernet
Controller Chassis 1 HU 19” rack
Electrical Power Consumption [W] 30


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