Linear stages of the SHL Series are specially designed to handle heavy payloads. Their mechanical design is based on an actuated wedge which guarantees highest resolution of the stages motion. A separate guideway assures a straight movement along the load direction and allows an integration of a position sensor for direct position feedback and closed loop operation.

The stages can be equipped with an additional constant force spring to offset the payload to even higher values. Accordingly, nano-encoded stages which can lift up to 10 kilogramms over several millimeter are possible. While offering high payloads, SmarAct SHL stages remain very compact and are suitable also for set- ups with space contraints.

CHS-5237-1D10N-10 - High Load Stage

A High Load Stage equipped with an Exchangeable Drive-Unit, offering 10 mm of vertical travel and can handle payloads of up to 10 N

SHL-1D20N-10 - High Load Stage

High Load Vertical Stage with a large mounting platform and a travel range of 10 mm

SHL-1D80N-1 - High Load Stage

High Load Vertical Stage that is able to lift 80 N over a travel range of 1 mm with nanometer precision

SHL-3D5N-5 - High Load Stage

A 3DoF positioning system that can lift high payloads of up to 5 N over a range of 5 mm regardless of its mounting orientation