CHS-5237-1D-10 - High Load Stage

A high load stage equipped with an exchangeable drive unit, offering 10 mm of vertical travel and the handling of payloads up to 10 N.

This high load stage is suitable for high availability applications in science and industry. It is equipped with SmarAct's exchangeable drive unit, which allows the complete piezo drive to be removed from the stage when required for servicing. As the drive unit is accessible from the side of the stage, the device does not need to be removed from the positioning setup during servicing. The mechanical design is based on an actuated wedge which guarantees highest resolution of the stages' motion. A separate guideway assures a straight movement along the load direction and allows an integration of a position sensor for direct position feedback and closed-loop operation. The mountinghole pattern supports an easy screwing to the linear stages of the CLS52-Series and the SR-5014. Optionally, different constant force springs can be added to handle payloads up to 10 N.

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    May 04, 2021
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    May 04, 2021
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    Mar 02, 2020
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    Jan 21, 2020


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Degrees of Freedom 1
Travel [mm] 10
Max. Lift Force [N] 10
Dimensions [mm] 52 x 52 x 37
Weight [g] 270
Velocity [mm/s] > 2
Sensor Resolution MCS2 [nm] 1 (S), 4 (L)
Uni-Directional Repeatability MCS2 [nm] ± 40 (S,L)
Sensor Resolution (H)CU [nm] 100 (L)
Uni-Directional Repeatability (H)CU [nm] ± 200 (S,L)
Material Options Aluminum base as standard; steel base (-ST); titanium base (-TI); black anodized (-BK)
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV (1E-11 mbar)


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