SLC Series

The SLC Series covers linear stages equipped with linear crossed roller slides. The very compact stages are compatible to the SmarAct Modular System and can be easily combined to multi-axis positioning systems.

SLS Series

The robust linear stages of the SLS Series are also part of the SmarAct Modular System which allows an easy combination and inter-series compatibility to create complex positioning solutions.

SL Series

Linear stages of the SL Series are based on miniature ball slides and are very small and light. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for precise positioning within limited space.

SLL Series

Linear stages of the SLL Series are based on recirculating ball slides. The slide or carriages in combination with rails of different length make it an optimal solution either for precise long range positioning or large travel ranges within limited space. The components of the SLL Series are available for two different rail widths and travel ranges up to about 1.5 m.