STT-12.7 - Tip-Tilt-Mirror Mount

The STT-12.7 is the smallest of the available motorized mirror mounts. It is perfectly suited to precisely position a 0.5 inch mirror or other optical components.
STT-25.4 - Open-loop Tip-Tilt Mirror Mount

STT-25.4 - Tip-Tilt-Mirror Mount

The STT-25.4 is suitable for 1 inch mirrors or optical components.
STT-50.8 - Open-loop Tip-Tilt Mirror Mount

STT-50.8 - Tip-Tilt-Mirror Mount

The STT-50.8 accepts 2 inch mirrors, lenses or other optical components.

STT-2013 - Tip-Tilt-Mirror Mount

The STT-2013 is a gimbal type mirror mount that offers a wide agular travel range to position the optical component