Science and Fundamental Research

Today's equipment for fundamental research and science requires highest precision but also a high degree of flexibility. SmarAct's products feature this modularity to a great extent, both in terms of mechanical assemblage and software control. For example, all products of SmarAct Modular System are designed to be easily combined with minimum effort, which is also beneficial in terms of stability and  precision. The PICOSCALE Interferometer features a great variety of mounting options for its sensor heads and convenient alignment features. This allows to obtain accurate displacement data even for unexperienced users in only a few steps. Integration of positioning solutions or metrology equipment into existing setups and synchronization of data between all devices is straightforward due to a broad selection of interfaces and protocols. Furthermore, as all software of SmarAct's products is based on the same architecture, programmers rely on the same API for all products. Additionally, we offer turn-key solutions for metrology and positioning, for example the PICOSCALE Vibrometer for modal analysis of small structures or the SMARPOD- our famous hexapod-like 6D positioning system.

We are proud that our customers appreciate the direct communication with our experienced technical sales team and our R&D engineers so that the most suitable solution for your project can be found efficiently.

Featured Products

SmarAct Modular System

SmarAct's modular system allows to combine compatible SmarAct stages to form complex and reconfigurable positioning setups.

SMARPOD - Hexapod-like

A Hexapod-like Positioning System with 6 DoF and Definable Pivot Point


SmarAct offers a range of measurement solutions that are widely applied in industrial and academic settings.