SmarAct Modular System


Change is a constant in academic and industrial research. Equipment needs to be adaptable to address new requirements and to reduce pressure on the projects budget. The SmarAct Modular System is a product concept which allows customers to adapt, modify and reconfigure even complex multi-axis positioning systems in the field, based on stringent modularity and intercompatibility between linear, rotation and goniometer stages.
It allows the combination of compatible stages of the CLS, SLC, SGO, SLS, DLS, MLS and SR Product Series to form complex and reconfigurable positioning setups. Standardized brackets, mounts, adapters and accessories provide the flexibility required to combine SmarAct single axis stages into convertible instruments while guaranteeing highest precision and highest quality of the so created positioning solution.
Due to the high modularity and large number of components and accessories, the SmarAct Modular System offers almost endless possibilities to build your very own setup. The application scientists are eager to help you with selecting the optimal combination of components to create a perfect match to your requirements.
The positioning systems we are presenting on the following serve as examples to show the possibilities and on-site reconfigurability of the SmarAct Modular System.

Example of a Modular 6D Positioning System

This exemplary positioning system with six degrees of freedom is especially useful for applications in the field of X-ray deflection where a small footprint is required while maintaining large travel ranges.
The two goniometer stages form an Eulerian cradle with a common center of rotation. The rotation axis on top of the goniometer stage allows for a continuous rotation. The XYZ stage underneath creates the possibility to freely define the common center of rotation within the addressable volume.
If larger travel ranges in X and Y are required by the application the SLS-5252 stages can be easily exchanged for SLS-5282 which offer 20 mm more travel range. Thanks to the intercompatibility within the SmarAct Modular System the height of the system will remain the same.


Example of a 5D Micromanipulation Device

SG-1730 gripping system is mounted as an end effector but it can easily be replaced with a SLC-1730 linear stage for handling of pipettes, micro-knives, microinjectors or other mechanical or electrical probes.


Mounting Accessories

Breadboard Adapters and Base Plates

Several breadboard adapters are available to fix the positioning system onto your existing optical table or breadboard based experimental setup. The product portfolio includes adapters of different sizes and shapes perfectly matching the corresponding linear stages of the SLC and SLS Series. The hole pattern of the adapters allows for mounting of linear and rotation stages of different length while also providing anchoring points for cable management clamps.


Spacers have the same outer dimensions like the corresponding linear stages. They can be mounted directly onto breadboard adapters, on top of stages and also on top of each other.


Brackets allow the vertical mounting of linear or rotation stages on top of horizontal stages or directly on the breadboard adapters. Several different dimensions are available to allow mounting of SLC, SLS linear stages and rotation stages of different sizes.

Adapter Plates and Clamps

When stacking linear and rotation stages or mounting right angle brackets or rotation stages adapter plates and clamps are required. The shape of the clamp strongly depends on the length and the hole pattern of the linear stages that are being used. Clamps are available to mount right angle brackets onto linear stages, or to mount two linear stages perpendicular to each other.

Constant Force Springs

Constant force spring assemblies are available ready to be mounted to stages and brackets to compensate for statically loads on stages when used in vertical orientations.

Cable Management

The SmarAct Modular System Concept also includes clamps for cable management purposes. Different clamps sizes are available optimized to securely and safely hold a defined number of cables of different diameters.

Related Products

CHS-5237-1D10N-10 - High Load Stage

A High Load Stage equipped with an Exchangeable Drive-Unit, offering 10 mm of vertical travel and can handle payloads of up to 10 N

SGO-77.5 - Goniometer Stage

The precise and compact goniometer stage SGO-77.5 can be directly mounted on top of SLS-52 linear stages or act as a base for an Eulerian cradle when combined with a SGO-60.5 stage

SR-3211 - Rotation Stage

The SR-3211 rotation stage is designed to be easily mounted onto linear piezo stages of the CLS-32 or SLS-32 Series.

SR-5014 - Rotation Stage

The integration of a microsensor makes the rotation stage SR-5014 the most cost effective closed-loop rotary positioner in our product line.