Sensor head with well collimated beam, optimized for long distances and retro-reflector targets.

The C03 is a sensor head type optimized for long working distances and using retro-reflectors as target. The probe beam is enlarged so that its divergence is reduced and more optical power can be collected after reflection at the target mirror.

  • STEP-File: C03 sensor head
    Oct 30, 2019
  • STEP-File: C03 sensor head with manual alignment mount
    Oct 30, 2019
  • STEP-File: C03 sensor head for high vacuum with steel armored fiber
    Oct 30, 2019


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Sensor Heads
Sensor Heads
Beam Geometry Collimated
Beam Waist Diameter [µm] 1590
Working Distance [mm] 13 .. 5000
Angular Working Range [°] ± 0.013
Environmental Compatibility Air, HV, UHV
Typical Targets Mirror, Retro-Reflector
Dimensions [mm] 6 x 21 (Ø x L)
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