Technology & Specifications

Overview on the working principle and performance of the PICOSCALE Interferometer.

Controllers & Accessories

Learn about the main components and versatile accessories of a PICOSCALE Interferometer.

Sensor Heads and Options

Overview on general purpose or specialized sensor heads for various applications and useful accessory.

Measuring Displacements


For high precision displacement measurements, SmarAct offers the PICOSCALE Interferometer, a powerful sensor with picometer resolution. Based on an extremely compact Michelson interferometer, non-invasive displacement measurements with low restrictions on the target reflectivity can be realized very efficiently.

Sensor heads are available for general purpose or optimized for specific tasks like angular or differential measurements. Furthermore, we provide sensor heads for use in vacuum, cryogenic or other harsh environments. Due to their compactness, they fit into almost every setup. Powerful firmware modules and versatile accessories complement the PICOSCALE portfolio to emphasize its use as a laboratory device for synchronization with other devices, signal generation, real-time calculation and many more applications.