Precise handling of components, parts and tools at automated assembly lines and sample handling and manipulation in life science are most crucial positioning tasks. We have complemented our product portfolio with versatile gripping solutions to address the growing demand to precisely control tweezers, pincers and grippers. Modularity is one of the key features of SmarAct’s products. SmarActs’s micro-grippers consist of linear piezo stages and a gripping jaws which can be easily exchanged and customized if required. Several different and specialized designs of gripper jaws are available.

When equipped with a position sensor the grippers allow full closed-loop control about the gripping process and the opening of the jaw. In addition, force sensors integrated into our parallel micro-gripper SGP-17F allow to control not only the jaw opening but also the gripping force when handling fragile or highly delicate objects. If your specific application requires a dedicated design, do not hesitate to contact our application specialist to discuss possible solutions or fully customized designs.

SG-06 - Micro-Gripper

The SG-06 micro-gripper is ideal for space constrained setups and applications where miniaturization is the top priority.

SG-1730 - Micro-Gripper

Based on one of SmarAct’s most compact linear stages this gripper system became a very compact and versatile tool for pick and place applications for optics and electronics.

SGP-17F - Micro-Gripper

The SGP-17F micro-gripper is the perfect solution when it comes to applications like the active alignment of optics or sub-components or the parallel gripping of delicate objects with a constant force.

SmarAct's micro gripping systems are able to transform multi-axis stages to micro-robots allowing users to precisely perform manufacturing and assembly tasks with highest precision. For example adding a SG-1730 Micro Gripper to a XYZ-SLC17:30 positioning system yield to a very compact and versatile micro-robot. This robot is the perfect match for simple but very precise pick and place tasks or equipped with one or two rotation stages for more advanced micro-assembly processes.