SG-1730 - Micro-Gripper

Based on one of SmarAct’s most compact linear stages this gripper system became a very compact and versatile tool for pick and place applications for optics and electronics.

SmarAct’s SG-1730 micro-gripper utilizes the SLC- 1730 as its core component. It can be equipped with different position sensors, allowing to control and monitor the gripping process. In addition, available vacuum-compatible variants extend the range of application to pressure ranges down to ultra-high vacuum. A wide variety of dedicated jaw geometries is available. As the jaws can be easily exchanged, the SG-1730 gripping system can be reconfigured on-site to be adapted to different gripping tasks. A quick exchange system for gripper jaws is available upon request. Customization of the jaw geometry to address specific applications is possible. Please feel welcome to discuss your requirements with us to create your very own gripper jaw design.

  • Technical-Drawing_SG-1730
    Jun 26, 2019
  • Step-file_SG-1730
    Jun 26, 2019


Download Spec Sheet
Download Spec Sheet Mechanical
Opening [mm] > 1
Gripping Force [N] 1
Dimensions [mm] 17 x 32 x 10
Weight [g] 25
Jaw Types Exchangeable (SGX); Quick Exchangeable (SGQ)
Sensor Types S, L
Gripping Time [ms] < 10
Gripping Resolution [nm] < 10
Material Options Aluminum as standard; Black anodized (-BK)
Vacuum Options HV (1E-6 mbar); UHV (1E-11 mbar)


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