Motion System for Compact Hamos X-Ray Spectrometer


Research on new advanced materials requires improved calibratable X-ray spectrometers aiming for high detection efficiency and high spectral resolution. The National Metrology Institute (PTB) developed a compact von Hamos Spectrometer using SmarAct’s positioning technology and customization services.

Up to three full-cylinder optics and a water cooled CCD camera can be adjusted on a 1.2 m long SLL42 linear positioning system with three individually moveable carriages along the optical Z- axis.

Each cylinder optics can be individually moved in X and Y direction (±2 mm) and also includes a tip-tilt mechanism (up to 2°) for a precise alignment of the optical system. The position of the CCD camera is also adjustable in three degrees of freedom. The entire system is ultra-high vacuum compatible and has an outer diameter of less than 150 mm.

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