Smarpod for State-Of-The-Art Pick-And-Place Activities

The successful evolution of optical processes and technologies requires highly precise positioning systems, especially in the field of semiconductor research and industry. Current and future technological challenges lie in areas such as Photonic Integrated Circuits - which cover the visible to the near-infra red spectral region, micron-size LED integration onto CMOS electronics and the integration of single photon emitters for quantum technologies.

The system developed at IOP addresses precisely these challenges, enabling hybrid and heterogeneous integration of a versatile library of semiconductor alloys with nanoprecision on a single receiving platform. The hybrid linear/parallel kinematic paradigm of SmarAct's implemented SMARPOD enables nanoscale precision motion with six degrees of freedom to realize the manipulation and integration of semiconductor devices by printing them as membranes from nanometer to millimeter scale.


The large-size SMARPOD utilizes three carriages of the CLL-series offering an extremely large travel range of 330 mm in X-direction.
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