PICOSCALE Vibrometer - Controller

The controller is required to operate the PICOSCALE Vibrometer and to record vibration data.

The PICOSCALE Vibrometer contains two controllers, the system controller and the stage controller:
The system controller hosts all the necessary optical components and electronics to generate the IR laser beam and to detect the interference signal. Furthermore, it contains the circuitry to convert the measured interferometric data into a position signal and to extract its amplitude and frequency. The stage controller contains the electronics to operate the XYZ positioning stage in closed-loop. In addition, it provides access to internal system signals and contains a power amplifier to drive the shaker stage.

  • PICOSCALE Vibrometer Performance Specifications
    Mar 16, 2021
  • PICOSCALE Vibrometer System Controller PV-CTRL-V1.0
    Jan 21, 2020
  • PICOSCALE Vibrometer Stage Controller PV-STG-V1.0
    Jan 21, 2020

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