Highly Compact XYR-Stage for an automated Laser Ablation System

For 3D-MICROMAC AG, Chemnitz, Germany

3D-Micromac’s microPREP™ PRO is a laser ablation system complementing existing approaches to sample preparation such as focused ion beam micromachining. It offers up to 10,000 times higher ablation rates and therefore lower cost of ownership compared to focused ion beam methods.
microPREP™ PRO is used for fast high-volume sample preparation of metals, semiconductors, ceramics and compound materials for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis. The sample preparation stage of the microPREP™ PRO was developed by SmarAct in a cooperation 3D-Micromac AG and ensures for the correct alignment of the material under the laser beam.
The highly compact stage with two translational and one rotational degree of freedom is based on SLC-1780 linear stages and a SR-4011 rotation stage. The integrated position encoders guarantee a closed-loop resolution of 100nm of the linear and 500μ° of the rotation axis.

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Travel range: 51 mm
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SR-4011- Rotation Stage

Due to the high-load stainless steel bearing, the SR-4011 is very robust. Compared to the footprint, the height is relatively low, making this stage an excellent choice for integration into flat positioning systems.
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